I pay to use Weight Watchers Online.I have a 90 day introductory membership.

It is just 60 days into the trial offer that I paid $59.99 for. Now I find out Weight Watchers has exposed my name online to promote their Weight Watchers Online Organization. Now the whole world knows I am fat! Forever?

I have tried to have my name dissociated from the Weight Watchers Community online. I called and spoke with a customer service representative. I was told Weight Watchers Online Community is like Facebook. NO!


NO!I pay for Weight Watchers, Facebook is FREE!

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Honey, everyone knows you're fat just by looking at you!This will not be a surprise to them.

Trust me. And you are NOT special sized or curvy. You are fat. We all have the eyes to see it.

I would be happy that people can actually see I joined Weight Watchers and am working on changing my body.That is something to be proud of!


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