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I signed up for Weight Watchers on-line with a 3 month pre-pay. After 2 months I was billed again.

I called Weight Watchers assuming a billing error would be corrected. They could not find my account by my name, address or phone number and finally found it using my online user name. I was told that I was hacked and charges would not be reversed. I told them that it would be wiser business decision to rectify the double billing and keep me as a customer.

I was then told "If I were a smart business man I would not be working for Weight Watchers." I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership and had to call the bank to dispute the charges and void my bank card so fraudulent changes will not again be applied. What a slimy organization.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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How would the company *Know* you were hacked? How does that cause you to be billed early? It sounds to me like you were just unhappy with not being able to lose weight.

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